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Wake Up,

About the Show

Daisy Greene is a very cautious 16-year-old New Yorker... hey, you'd be cautious too if your parents had forgotten to invite Marisol-From-Down-The-Hall to your third birthday party and she'd cursed you to someday prick your finger and nap forever!  But when Daisy's best friend Tim-From-Across-The-Way convinces Daisy to finally leave her house and plant trees in Central Park, Marisol's curse is realized and Daisy finds herself deeply asleep and lost in the center of a labyrinth of her own dreams. Can Daisy throw caution to the wind and risk it all to wake herself up?

Very loosely adapted from "Sleeping Beauty," Wake Up, Daisy! is the latest whimsical collaboration between Sam and Yo, Vikings! collaborator, Marcus Stevens. The show was commissioned by Central Park's historic Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre, where, featuring a cast of rod puppets and marionettes with ten-foot strings, a wholly original score and an errant unicorn, it ran for an unprecedented 22 months from Febrary 2022 - December 2023.

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